About Us

We advertise your brand by adding value to people's life.


help you reach out to your target market, without irritating your potential customers, by advertising on environment friendly bags.

Our web portal enable you to do targeted marketing and get analytics.

What we do?

We bridge the gap between advertisers and viewers. Advertisers want to market their brand to grow and sustain themselves. Viewers do not want to get bombarded by annoying advertisements.

How we do?

Instead of interrupting people to advertise your brand, we help them carry their stuff and at the same time make an impact in the subconscious mind of your target market.

Who are We?

Hafee Atyub


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Mujab Muneeb


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We not only advertise your brand but also turns your target market into your brand ambassadors.

Design Advert

Our creative experts design your adverts in a way that they look good on bags and are appreciated by your target market to make you stand out from the rest.

Print Bags

We print your adverts on 100% Oxo biodegradable and environment friendly bags to give your brand a green touch.

Distribute Bags

Our team visits your chosen areas and distributes the bags among local stores.

Give you Dashboard

You get to see where your bags have been distributed and how they are doing?

Distribution Network

Want to see which stores are on board with us?
From where will your mobile billboards emark their journey?